Ministry of Culture bets on actions to promote and disseminate culture

Luanda – The opening of cultural houses, cultural diplomacy and the promotion of cultural tourism are part of the actions programmed by the Ministry of Culture in the context of the process of dissemination and appreciation of Angolan culture, said the director national of culture, Euclides da Lomba.

The official made this statement during a visit to Angola Press Agency (ANGOP) with the aim of strengthening the existing synergies, in exchanging information and reinforcing the ties between the Ministry of Culture and the media.

According to Euclides da Lomba, these actions will allow a better public service delivery, with direct activities based on preservation, conservation, dissemination and respect for the Angolan culture.

On his side, the administrator of the Angop for Content Area, Jose Chimuco, said that the contribution of the agency in the process of valorization, preservation of culture is based on the promotion, through the dissemination of news content concerning culture.

He also reaffirmed the need to promote training courses and for journalists who deal with cultural issues as a means of equipping them with the knowledge and tools to better carry out their daily activities.

He added that the agency will shortly close some services as a form of revenue collection, pointing out as an example the large dossiers related to culture, tourism and economy.

Source: Angola Press News Agency