Ministry of Territory Administration hears experts on municipalities

Luanda – In order to create a potential for a faster and more balanced development of local development, the Ministry of Territory Administration and State Reform (MAT) met on Thursday in Luanda, eminent personalities of academic, political, economic and social backgoround of the country.

For a little more than three hours Minister AdAPound o de Almeida listened to the participants’ comments on aspects that he considered “likely” to lead to the promotion of local development and the construction of a model of administrative decentralization.

For the sociologist Paulo de Carvalho, gradualism is undoubtedly the way forward, since there is a need for decentralization of skills in a phased way, because there are several factors to be taken into account such as the elaboration of budgets, among others related to the sociological realities and of each community.

The lawyer Benja Satula defended the reduction of the powers of the provinces governments until their extinction or reduction to the figure of a governor with purely political functions.

In the context of the debates surrounding the first municipal elections in Angola, scheduled for 2020, MAT will has been holding a cycle of public hearings on the Legislative Package from June 1st to the end of this month, which includes the six laws that will govern the process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency