Mirempet launches three diamond appraisers tender

Luanda – The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Mirempet) held on Tuesday March 03 in Luanda the public act of opening the limited tender for the hiring of three independent appraisers of the 9.2 million carats of rough diamonds produced annually in the country.

Launched last February 19 in Jornal de Angola (Angolan newspaper) the initiative results from the implementation of Presidential Decrees 175/18 of 27 July and 35/19 January which approves the new diamond marketing policy as well as the technical regulation of commercialization of Angola’s rough diamonds.

The ceremony also served to start the application of proposals for candidacies to participate in the competition which runs until the sixth of April.

Speaking at the opening of the ceremony the Secretary of State for Petroleum Jose Barroso stated that Mirempet intends with this act to contract under the provision of services three independent appraisers with good references in terms of international practices for carrying out this activity.

With the adoption of this procedure it is intended that the policy for the sale of rough diamonds is implemented with the desired effectiveness he stressed.

Source: Angola Press News Agency