MIREX wants diplomats committed to Angola

Luanda The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manuel Augusto, today (Monday) encouraged diplomatic agents to pass, abroad, the image of the New Angola , marked by transparency, fighting corruption and nepotism.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the training course for attaches at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), the minister stated that the country needs trained staff and that show the real image of Angola to attract investors.

In his speech, Manuel Augusto stated that MIREX will select the best diplomatic agents to represent the country with dignity in its diplomatic missions. We want cadres committed to Angola, who consider that the country is the last to be harmed. And they must be available to sacrifice themselves, said the minister, who demanded greater accountability from diplomatic agents.

According to the head of Angolan diplomacy, MIREX will maintain the combination of training and improvement of material conditions, in order to comply with the scheduled tasks.

Source: Angola Press News Agency