Mirex wants to promote positive image of Angola

Luanda – The Angolan Foreign Affairs Minister, Manuel Augusto defended the adoption of regional coverage mostly in line with national objectives and interests and capable of ensuring the promotion of a positive image of Angola and increasing the prestige gained in the international area.

The Cabinet minister addressed the VII Consultative Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), which runs from Monday to Tuesday under the motto “The Opportunities and Challenges of the Future”.

Manuel Domingos Augusto also defended the implementation of a process of redistribution of certain diplomatic and consular missions, based on objective analysis, to correct the current geopolitical and geostrategic dislocations.

According to the minister, despite the financial difficulties Angola is currently experiencing, it is necessary to make an effort to achieve the national goals for external action.

The Government official said that the success of Angolan economic diplomacy will depend to a large extent on the internal creation of conditions in the areas of energy and water, basic sanitation, debureaucratization in the public administration, improvement in the justice sector, banking and finance, as well as the repatriation of capital and dividends.

The guarantee of these conditions, among others, will allow the attracting foreign investments that will contribute to the process of diversification and development of the economy, having as strategic objective the industrialization of Angola.

In his view, in the specific case of debureaucratization, the internal reform process should pay more attention to the issue of staff training, the abolition and facilitation of visas for businessmen, and the granting of tourism visas to Angola.

For two days, senior Angolan officials discussed issues such as “Angola’s economic diplomacy,” “geopolitics and regional coverage,” “reform plan, a new vision for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” among others.

Source: Angola Press News Agency