MP defends dissemination of laws in communities

Luanda – The chairwoman of the Group of Women Parliamentarians, Luisa DamiAPound o, defended Monday in Luanda the need to develop education programmes and dissemination of laws in the communities.

The MP was speaking at the closing of lecture on World Law Day, marked on 10 July, in a promotion of the Group of Women Parliamentarians, in partnership with the Association of Women Lawyers.

According to Luisa DamiAPound o, the Group of Women Parliamentarians wants to be, more and more, close to the citizens to disseminate the Constitution of the Republic and the ordinary laws.

She defined the law as an instrument of extreme importance that safeguards freedoms and regulates conduct in society.

The MP recommended that parliamentarians should focus on drafting laws that meet social needs, given that citizens and families are the first and most important asset of the country.

She called for the law to be publicized against domestic violence, since it is a gain for Angolan families.

Luisa DamiAPound o considered domestic violence as a social problem which has been reaching extremely worrying levels in the country.

The parliamentarian spoke of physical, psychological, labor, economic, property and sexual violence.

The lecture addressed “the impact of the law on women’s lives and the course of the law in Angola.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency