MPLA analyzes JMPLA Congress documents

According to the final communique of the 3rd Ordinary Meeting, directed by MPLA President, JoAPound o Lourenco, the Congress will adapt the organization to the political, social and economic transformations in the country.

At its meeting on Wednesday, the Political Bureau approved applications for the post of first national secretary of the JMPLA.

In the document, to which ANGOP had access, the participants encourage the preparatory commission to continue its work for the successful holding of the JMPLA ordinary congress.

The members of the political bureau of the ruling party in Angola congratulated the holding of the 2nd International Colloquium on the History of MPLA, taking place from 4-6 December this year, in Luanda.

The meeting aims to highlight the trajectory of struggle and victory of the party that led Angola to independence.

The meeting, which took place at MPLA National Headquarters, approved the 2020 plan of activities and events to address the challenge of improving what is right and correcting what is wrong.

It recommended that a thorough analysis be made of the drought situation in the south of the country and that this topic be discussed at the next ordinary session of the MPLA Central Committee.

Source: Angola Press News Agency