MPLA leader rules out new amnesty for financial crimes

Luanda – MPLA President JoAPound o Lourenco Friday dismissed the promulgation of a new Amnesty Law for crimes under the two laws on capital repatriation approved in 2018.

Speaking at the opening of the 7th Ordinary Session of the MPLA Central Committee, the President of the Republic also stated that the Law on Voluntary Capital Repatriation was already the practical equivalent of an amnesty for a period of six months, but people did not take this opportunity.

“The responsibility is only for those who chose to try to deceive the state once again,” he said before the 297 members present at the meeting whose main objective is to convene the VII Extraordinary Congress of the Party.

According to JoAPound o Lourenco, the enforcement of the Law on Coercive Repatriation of Capital and Excess Loss of Goods is something that the competent judicial bodies will take seriously, with the consequences that can result therefrom.

He said that some have now chosen to create and disseminate the idea that the crusade against corruption in Angola is weakening the MPLA and may even lead to its division.

“If we take into account that in the last two general elections, although we had won them, the party lost in each of them about 10 percentage points in relation to the previous elections,” he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency