MPLA leader urges youth to follow competent parties

The MPLA leader made the call at the opening of the 8th Ordinary Congress of the ruling party’s youth wing (JMPLA).

To JoAPound o Lourenco, also President of Republic, the young people should be guided by the parties and civil society of good faith in their purposes, accept to show their face and have nothing to hide or fear.

He said that the JMPLA should be the mouthpiece for the main concerns and aspirations of young Angolans, in general, with the Executive, as well as bringing to them the correct positions on the phenomena that happen in society.

According to JoAPound o Lourenco, MPLA has a strong hope and confidence in its youth organisation, judging by the rich potential it represents.

The president recalled that the 7th Extraordinary Congress of the MPLA, held in 2018, strongly pledged to promoting women and youth, with 61 percent of the members elected to the central committee, the party’s main deliberative body, were young people.

Young people keeping a watchful eye reading the signs of the times know what this means. This injection is a clear representation in your commitment that you expect another stance, another way of being and being necessary for the country’s development challenges, he noted.

He noted that MPLA’s position on gender and youth is reflected in the current formation of the Executive and other state institutions.

As example, Joao Lourenco referred to the swearing in of the first young woman Finance minister in Angola’s history, Vera Daves, on Wednesday.

To MPLA leader, the strength of a nation lies in the strength of its youth, what it (youth) can do and do for the nation.

To make this possible, he said, despite the freedoms and guarantees of the citizens, as enshrined in the Constitution and the law, young people should be consciously guided by competent and responsible political and civil society parties.

The ruling party’s leader predicted that the new leadership that emerges from this congress will face many challenges, which will contribute to the implementation of the programme of his party elected in 2017 general elections.

The Congress, going from 10 to 12 this month, gathers

2,295 delegates who will elect the new leader of the organisation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency