MPLA prioritizes fight against corruption and flattery

Luanda – Angolan MPLA elected president, JoAPound oLourenco said Saturday in Luanda that corruption, nepotism, flattery and impunity are the main ills to be tackled by the “many” damages they cause to the economy.

JoAPound oLourenco was speaking after being confirmed fifth president of the MPLA, with 98.59 percent of the votes of the two thousand 448 delegates to the 6th extraordinary congress of the party.

After honoring the organization’s former leaders, AntonioAgostinhoNeto and Jose Eduardo dos Santos, he declared that it will only be possible to build a better future, if there is courage to “really” correct what is wrong and better what is good.

He also stated that the corruption, nepotism, flattery and impunity that have prevailed in the country, against which must be fought for, affect investor confidence, undermine the reputation and productivity of Angola.

He emphasized that the history of the MPLA was always associated with noble causes, such as the conquest of independence and the defense of national sovereignty, to contribute to the struggle for the liberation of the peoples of southern Africa against the regime of apartheid, peace and reconciliation between Angolans.

He urged that the need to promote a strong and dynamic business class of honest people, who produce goods and services and create jobs, should not be confused with those who have enriched easily and in an illicit way at the expense of the public treasury.

He spoke of the need to build a party where being MPLA member does not mean achieving benefits or being appointed minister, governor or ambassador, rather than serving Angola and the Angolans.

Source: Angola Press News Agency