MPLA told to remain faithful agent of people’s ideals

Luanda – The ruling MPLA party has been urged to continue acting as faithful trustee of the ideals of the Angolan people by improving, with the militants’ effort, the people’s living standards.

The appeal was launched Friday by its leader, JoAPound o Lourenco, when delivering his speech at the opening ceremony of the 6th Ordinary Session of the party’s Central Committee.

The MPLA leader said that party must meet the expectations of the voters and society.

This entails open to dialogue that, through their daily practice and example of their militants, acts as a moral reference for Angolans .

JoAPound o Lourenco defended the improvement of the conditions for citizens in terms of distribution process of wealth through the public and social policies, responsible and strict management of the country’s resources that benefit everyone.

In his speech, JoAPound o Lourenco said that the country is living a new era characterised by a more combative opposition as well as a freer and more investigative press.

More interventionist and strict civil society demanding strict compliance with the law, respect for the public assets, and fundamental rights and guarantees of citizens.

According to him, the strength of this “great MPLA” lies in the fact that it undergoes permanent renewal, always adapting the conditions of the various phases of the struggle of the Angolan people and keeping it firm, united and strong.

The MPLA leader also acknowledged existing behaviors and attitudes that must be corrected as, he said, they can undermine the good name of the party.

The MPLA president slammed the party’s militants who, under cover of the organisation and their status as leaders, seriously undermine the public interest.

JoAPound o Lourenco also mentioned other offences such as disorders, arbitrary procedures and abuses of power as being committed to the detriment of peaceful citizens, by evoking the ridiculous figure of the “comrade superior orders”.

Such practices, he said, must be stamped and must have name and face.

In his speech, at the opening ceremony of the

meeting running until Saturday, the MPLA president stressed the need to intensify the fight against corruption.

The MPLA leader warned of direct participation of the party he leads in the fight and denouncing the cases of nepotism, mainly, at a time the country moves towards the privatisation of some public companies.

Joao Lourenco also lashed out at those trying to finance political instability in Angola.

On diversification of the economy, he recalled the need to rely on the ill-gotten money stashed in the foreign bank accounts.

The leader of the ruling party in Angola said that local elections will be held gradually, with initial stage taking place in a two-year period.

Source: Angola Press News Agency