Luanda – The National Assembly (parliament) holds this Thursday, in Luanda, its first plenary meeting of the year 2021, which includes the analysis and voting, in general terms, of four legal instruments related to the Justice sector.

Among the documents are the Draft-Law s that revoke the Organic Law on the Organization and Functioning of the Constitutional Court and the Law on the Constitutional Proceeding Rules.

During the meeting, the Draft Law that enforces again revoked norms of the Code of Civil Procedure and Code of Criminal Procedure in matters of Appeal will also be discussed, in addition to the Draft Law that alters the Law on Judicial Costs and Courts Levels.

The work agenda also includes the discussion and voting, on closed doors, of the Draft Resolution that approves the Budget of the National Assembly for the 2021 financial year.

The session will be preceded by the presentation of Political Declarations by the parliamentary benches.

The Angolan Parliament (a unicameral body officially called National Assembly) is composed of 220 deputies (MPs), elected by electoral circles (wards), that is a single national electoral ward and 18 provincial ones, corresponding to the number of provinces that make up the country.

The single national circle elects 130 deputies, while for each of the 18 provincial circles 5 representatives of the people are elected for a five-year term.

In the current legislature (2017-2022), the MPLA has 150 deputies, UNITA (51), CASA-CE (16), PRS (2) and FNLA (1).

The PRS and FNLA parties do not form parliamentary groups, as they did not obtain, in the 2017 General Elections, a minimum of three deputies.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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