Multinational announces operation of underwater cable system

Luanda – The Angolan telecommunications company, Angola Cables, announced today in Luanda the functioning of the West African Coastal Submarine Cable System (WACS), which has been conditioned since last September 18, as a result of the cut of 1.2 kilometers from Sangano Station.

According to a note from this institution, which ANGOP had access to Thursday, during the WACS restoration work, all the routing was transferred to the new cable SACS (Southern Atlantic Submarine Cable System), which was at the time in the testing phase, but it has already provided a high level of responsiveness, ensuring international connectivity through Brazil to reach the United States of America and Europe.

“After three weeks of conditioning, as a result of the cable cut at Sangano Station (Luanda), the West African Coastal Submarine Cable System (WACS) is completely repaired and operational.

As it is a system with more interconnections from Africa to Europe and now to South America via SACS, WACS remains the main gateway to the country’s international connectivity, “said Antonio Nunes, chairperson of the Executive Committee of Angola Cables .

Source: Angola Press News Agency