Namibe governor highlights national reconciliation

Mocamedes – The Namibe provincial governor, Archer Mangueira, recognized last Monday, the importance of pacifying the spirits and overcome the hurts which eventually still remains between Angolans as a result of the armed conflicts registered in the country from 11 November 1975 to 4 April 2002.

The government official was talking in the presentation of the National Reconciliation Plan in Memory of the Victims of Armed Conflict, in southern province of Namibe, stating that despite the possible political differences, must prevail the reconciling spirit.

In a reconciled society, advanced Archer Mangueira, there must be freedom of expression and toleration.

The Reverend Domingas Tecas, who presented the Plan, representing the Commission for Reconciliation in Memory of the Victims of Political Conflicts, emphasized to ANGOP the subsequent steps to be given by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The National Reconciliation Plan in Memory of the Victims of Armed Conflict aims to promote forgiveness and honour the victims of the political conflicts held in Angola, since the National Independence proclamation (11 November 1975) until the Peace Day (4 April 2002).

Source: Angola Press News Agency