Namibe: Poland to release USD 60 million for Fisheries Academy 3rd phase

Mocamedes – The Polish government will avail USD 60 million for the conclusion of the third phase of the Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea project in the south-west Namibe province, unveiled on Monday by the Angolan Vice-president, Manuel Domingos Vicente.

This was said by the Polish ambassador to Angola, Piotr Josef Mysliwiec, at the end of an audience with the Angolan Vice-president, Manuel Vicente, to whom he expressed satisfaction at the kick-off of the classes in the referred academy, deemed one of the largest in Africa.

The Polish diplomat considered the project a good cooperation model between the two countries, having said that the agreement for the execution of its third phase has already been signed by both parties.

He also explained that the incumbent Ministry will define the works to be done in the last stage of the project, which will mainly integrate the construction of the ship-school, sports center and the creation of facilities for entrepreneurship, as higher education institution, the academy is entitled to conduct research studies.

The ambassador also announced the coming of Polish technicians of the fisheries sector to bolster the project, as well as to share the technologies.

The overall budget of the project is estimated at USD 111 million, of which an amount of USD 37 million were financed by the Polish government and USD 74 million financed by the Angolan government.

The Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea is the country’s first higher education institution of this type and teach the courses in the areas of sailing, administration and management, naval mechanics, fish processing technology, aquaculture and marine resources.

The Academy of Fisheries and Sciences of the Sea has 25 classrooms and 30 laboratories. The lessons in the institution kicked off last May with 576 students.

Source: Angola Press News Agency