Namibe Port becomes logistics hub of country’s southern region

MocAmedes – Namibe Port, built in 1957, may become a logistical development hub for the southern region of Angola, after the completion of the rehabilitation works for the second phase by 2019.

The information was released Tuesday by its chairman, Antonio Samuel.

The manager confirmed this to Angop, explaining that USD 24 million was spent on the first phase.

He mentioned additional USD 24 million as being used, totaling USD 48 million, to boost port activity.

The second phase, which started last June, ends in August 2019 and include the total rehabilitation of the 240 meter-long quays, covering Porto Pesqueiro.

The first rehabilitation phase of the Namibe Port, also funded by Japan, was completed in 2011 and aimed at rehabilitating 240 meters of quays.

Source: Angola Press News Agency