National Police announce plans to increase border force officers

Dundo – National police general commander Paulo de Almeida said on Sunday in eastern Lunda Norte province that the number of the staff will increase this year due to the violations reported at the country’s border regions.

The high ranking police officer said this at the end of his visit to Lunda Norte aimed to assess the border between Angola and neighbouring Democratic of the Congo (DRC), as part of the measure to halt the spread of COVID-19.

According to him. the measures follow the high rate of invasion being reported at national borders.

Since the coming in force of the State of Emergency on 27 March, the authorities have recorded 504 cases of border violations, which resulted in detentions of 5,015 illegal immigrants from the DRC.

During his stay in Lunda Norte, Paulo de Almeida visited the border posts of Furi-3 and Marco-5, in the municipality of Cambulo, Chissanda, in Chitato.

The commissioner-general was briefed on the operational situation in the region.



Source: Angola Press News Agency


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