Nearly 110 Million Square Metres Of Land Cleared Of Mines In Angola

CAXITO, Angola More than 109.8 million square metres of land across Angola’s northern Bengo province, has been cleared of mines since 2006, said head of the provincial department of the National De-mining Institute (INAD).

For 2020, INAD expects to clear 500,000 square metres in Bengo province, Joao Francisco de Carvalho said, at the closing ceremony of a de-mining training programme in Caxito, the capital of the province.

INAD director general, Ramos Miguel, said, only through de-mining training can Angola achieve the government’s goal of eliminating landmines in the country by 2025.

Local authorities are using the mine-free areas to build infrastructure for such sectors as energy, water, public services, housing, telecommunications, health, education and transportation, the official added.

INAD aims to eliminate landmines planted nationwide during the civil war that broke out in 1975. The war lasted for nearly 30 years, and turned Angola into one of the most-mined countries in the world.

Source: Nam News Network (NNN)