New FAA members told to stick to blameless behaviour

The appeal was launched by commander of the Central Military Region, Lt General Dinis Lucama on Wednesday.

The commander was speaking at the closing ceremony of one more training of the staff held in Chicala-Cholohanga, central Huambo province, to mark the 28th anniversary of the creation of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

Dinis Lucama reminded the new members not to confuse the corporation with a mere job, may be joining these ranks with focus on “immediate, materialistic and consumerist” ideas.

“This attitude cannot also be based on high salaries and immediate improvement of social life, because the situation affects all, requiring from everyone a spirit of sacrifice and commitment”, stressed the FAA Lt General, calling for the need to show love and unselfishness.

The FAA high ranking officer also called on new staff to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or other drugs, whose abuse leads to consequences that extend or affect all dimensions of life.

At least 1, 189 members of the Angolan Armed forces attended a 12-week training, aimed to upgrade their knowledge in various subjects.

The Angolan Armed Forces (FAA)mark Wednesday (October 09) the 28th anniversary of since their creaton for defence and safeguarding the independence and territorial integrity of Republic of Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency