Nors Group opens Dongfeng truck sales line

Luanda The Kin Lai company of the Nors Group has inaugurated Wednesday in Cacuaco district, Luanda, its sales line of Dongfeng brand trucks, ceremony led by the Minister of Commerce, Jofre Van-DA nem. The trucks are designed to the best manufacturing practice parameters of Volvo brand trucks.

In a press conference, Nors’ administrator in Angola, Francisco Ramos, said that the investment in the sales line was USS 1.3 million.

10 out of 50 units are available for this first phase of Dongfeng Trucks sales.

These are heavy vehicles with an average of 7.5 to 16 Tons and high range over 16 tons, with initial prices of 45 million kwanzas.

Six models are available, such as Dongfeng KL, KC, KR.

More than 1,000 spare partS references are in stock to ensure maintenance and the quality required by the manufacturer and Volvo recommended standards.

About KinLai

KinLai is the latest company in the Nors Group, engaged in DongFeng truck sales and after sales operation in Angola.

As a DongfengTrucks representative, KinLai offers solutions in the Angolan road haulage market, positioning itself as China’s top-end truck brand, which offers mid-range (7.5-16 ton) and high-end trucks ( exceeding 16 tonnes).

Source: Angola Press News Agency