Official defends continued relevance of Agostinho Neto legacy

Caxito – The provincial governor of the northern Bengo province Mara Quiosa Wednesday in Caxito stressed the need to enhance the deeds of the former president of Angola Agostinho Neto.

His legacy, teachings, greatness as a man of culture, doctor and politician should always deserve the proper valuation so that his image continue to survives at national level and abroad, said the governor.

Mara Quiosa was addressing a conference on Agostinho Neto, sponsored by the Antonio Agostinho Neto Foundation (FAAN), ahead of National Hero’s Day, September 17.

The governor stressed the need for the systematised transmission of Manguxi’s career in schools and communities, which personalizes the bravery actions of many heroes and the sacrifices endured by distinguished sons of Angola.

Mara Quiosa said that the elders are obliged to continue to convey the testimony to the young on the life and work of Agostinho Neto, in order for the kids know better his deeds.

Source: Angola Press News Agency