Official defends women’s participation in local government

Luanda – The Secretary of State for Territorial Administration, Laurinda Cardoso, reiterated Thursday in Luanda that the participation of women in institutions of local power should be encouraged.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a round table on “women’s participation in local government,” she said that Customary Law is protected under the Constitution, but it cannot unfavorably determine the women’s rights.

Laurinda Cardoso stressed that the Constitution of the Republic of Angola regulates norms, namely the principle of equality, access to public office and its emanation is reflected in all ordinary law.

On her side, South African expert Christine Warioba, focused on the participation and representation of women in local governance based on their experience.

She said that countries with a higher proportion of women representation at the national (parliament) and local government levels usually apply proportional representation electoral systems combined with special representations.

In the proposed activities, she emphasized that the increase in budget appropriations for pre-primary school programs, school feeding and provision of water services in rural areas is concerned.

Source: Angola Press News Agency