Okavango-Zambeze hosts “Land Rover Experience” expedition

Luanda – The Okavango-Zambeze Cross-border Conservation Area (ATFC-KAZA), shared by Angola, Namibia and Botswana, will host an international tourist expedition from 27 October to 03 November this year, dubbed “Land Rover Experience”, sponsored by a German Land Rover factory.

This is the first expedition of its kind since ATFC-KAZA was inaugurated, with the cross-border tourist itinerary Raid de Cacimbo in 2018.

According to a press release, reached Angop Tuesday, the organisers of the referred tourist expedition traveled the Angolan component of ATFC-KAZA, taking the latest models all over the Land Rover brand to test the 150-km cross-border tourist route proposed by Angola.

The itinerary links the border posts of Bwabwata and Bico de Angola through Jamba, Boa Fe and Benorio. The locality of Benorio, proposed for the camp site, also deserved the due attention of the expedition organisers.

The Okavango-Zambezi project is the largest cross-border initiative on the African continent, linking 36 conservation areas across Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

The Okavango River Basin covers a hydrologically active surface of about 323,192 square kilometers.

Its main flow is the result of runoff from sub-humid and semi-arid plains of Angola’s Cuando Cubango province, which extends over an area of 120,000 square kilometers, before concentrating along the banks between Namibia and Angola, draining into in a fan or delta to a height of 980 meters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency