Ombudsman faces difficulties in setting up office in provinces

The fact was made known this Wednesday by the Ombudsman’s advisor, Frederico Batalha, while clarifying the role of the ombudsman in defending the rights, freedom and guarantee of citizens, during a meeting held in this city.

On the occasion, he informed that, besides Luanda, where the Ombudsman’s headquarters are located, only three of the 18 provinces that make up the country, namely Bengo, Cabinda and Cunene, have duly installed and functioning representations, whose implementation was reached in collaboration of local governments.

According to the interlocutor, the lack of representation in the other provinces derives essentially from the inadequacy of the Ombudsman’s financial resources to ensure the full functioning of the local services, all because there is lack of institution’s administrative and financial autonomy enshrined in terms of its organic law.

The lack of these local services, he said, has created serious embarrassment in the functionalism of the organs, considered under the terms of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola as one of the essential institutions in the administration of justice, since they would allow direct intervention with the related institutions in protecting the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens.

Source: Angola Press News Agency