Operation Transparency preserves economy, national sovereignty

Dundo – The ongoing Operation Transparency in seven of the country’s 18 provinces contributes to the preservation of the economy and national sovereignty.

This was said Saturday the Presidency’s minister of State and Chief of Security Affairs, Pedro SebastiAPound o.

Pedro SebastiAPound o stated this to national and foreign press in Dundo, eastern Lunda Norte province.

The President’s aide considered the videos broadcast on social Media as completely false, biased and out of context, whose content is intended to undermine the image of Angola.

According to him, the diamonds should be explored according to the rules to avoid looting of the wealth.

The official stressed that Operation Transparency is legitimate and aims at restoring legality to the illegal migration and trafficking.

The minister, who denied force departure of migrants, announced that more than 380,000 illegal foreign who were engaged in the mining of diamonds are leaving Angola voluntarily .

In case of a possible retaliation, Pedro SebastiAPound o described it as a mere political advantage.

He argued that one should not confuse xenophobia with the possible incidents that may happen when an Operation is underway, recalling that there are foreign refugees on Angolan soil who are being respected under the international statutes.

Pedro SebastAPound o reiterates, however, the friendly relations with DRC, “a neighboring country with which Angola share more than 1200 kilometers of border, also home to Angolan citizens.

He said that the mission keeps going in compliance with the sovereign measures taken. The seizure of various means and the closing of diamond trading houses allow to deter the phenomenon until the stability of the national economy.

Meanwhile, 231 trading houses and 90 diamond mining cooperatives have been closed, as result of operation.

The operation also enabled seizure of 17,000 carats of diamonds, more than USD 1 million in cash, 59 firearms, among other means used for illegal trafficking and illegal immigration of foreigners.

Source: Angola Press News Agency