Over 19,000 jobs in education, health sectors

This was announced on Tuesday the President, JoAPound o Lourenco while delivering his address to the Nation in Parliament.

The President stated that the Education sector will be the first to be strengthened, with 10,000 new staff, through a public tender in November.

As for the Health, the head of State announced the admission of at least 9,000 new staff to reinforce and improve the process of health care and medication to the population.

JoAPound o Lourenco recalled both sectors have benefitted from 31, 885 new cadres through public tenders last year, to reinforce and improve the service process in the communities.

The President highlighted the actions taken during his two years in office (2017 and 2018), especially the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

So far, he said, these actions have increased the country’s school system to 97,684 classrooms, accounting for an increase of over 12,684 new classrooms, which allowed the enrollment in this academic year of 10.4 million students in various teaching subsystems.

As for health, the President stressed the entry into operation of health centers and reference units, three of which were hemodialysis.

They are the centers of the General Hospital of Huila, the David Bernardino Pediatric Hospital (Luanda) and the General Hospital of Luena (Moxico).

JoAPound o Lourenco also referred to the new Sanatorium Hospital, Hospital for treatment of burning cases and the new Luanda Morgue, as undergoing construction process in Luanda. He also announced the rehabilitation of the Americo Boavida Hospital soon.

In terms of care, Joao Lourenco highlighted the existence of 286 patients undergoing treatment in Portugal, mostly suffering from kidney failure.

According to the Head of State, Angola is committed to the opening of hemodialysis centers to stop sending patients abroad, a costly situation for the country.

Drought in the south of the country:

In another field, JoAPound o Lourenco referred to the effects of drought and announced that the first contract for the construction of the six retention dams, water catchment systems and waterways in Cunene province is starting soon.

Divided into six lots, the contract comprises the construction of the Cunene river catchment system, pumping, pressurized conduit, open channel from Cafu to Cuamato and ten more water reservoirs.

Drought in southern Angola affects more than one million people in the provinces of Huila, Cuando Cubango, Namibe, Benguela, Cuanza Sul and Cunene, including thousands of cattle.

Cunene has been facing the most severe drought in its history for eight months, leaving more than 800,000 families and more than one million cattle on the brink of death.

In total, 857,443 people effected by drought and one million and 100 cattle at risk of death, hunger or thirst. Lack of rain harms subsistence agriculture.

The speech on the state of the nation marked the beginning of the III Legislative Session of the IV National Assembly Legislature, running until August 15, 2020.

Politicians, diplomats, military members and civil society attended the event.

Source: Angola Press News Agency