Over 50 boats and helicopters ready for operation transparency

Luanda – The Operation Transparency, which since Monday is being expanded to Angola’s maritime coast to prevent and combat illegal fishing, smuggling and human trafficking, has available over 50 patrol boats and five helicopters equipped with technology for efficient and timely neutralization of any criminal activity happening in the country’s littoral zone.

Speaking recently to the press, the spokesman of the operation, Commissioner Antonio Bernardo, said the conditions have been created for the onset of the combat against sea piracy.

Meanwhile, the police chief explained that the Angolan coast records mainly crimes committed against people, environment and the economy, so the prevention of these sorts of crimes will be the focus of the operation.

The aim of the operation, said the police chief, is to combat illegal fuel trade, possible human trafficking, illegal immigration and fishing as well as prevent that the littoral zone become an escape route for capital flight and tax evasion.

The sea operation, which is to last about 180 days, integrates all the forces of the national security system and sea institutions, namely the Maritime Port Institute of Angola (IMPA), National Fishing and Beekeeping Inspection Service (SNFPA) and the National Environmental Inspection Service.

Operation Transparency, launched in September 2018, is essentially intended to fight illegal immigration, illegal exploration of diamonds and put a stop to environmental crimes committed in the ambit of irregular prospecting of minerals.

Data so far, released in the ambit of the Operation Transparency, show that at least 453,022 foreign citizens left the country, 35,884 were repatriated, 416,496 left voluntarily and 842 were transferred to Luanda to be flown back to their countries.

Still as result of the operation, at least 159 cooperatives and 289 houses, involved in illegal purchase of diamonds, have been shut down, as well as the seizure of large sums of money.

It was also seized 34,480 carats of diamonds and 121,783 other precious stones.

The National Security bodies have dismantled groups and expelled national and foreign citizens involved in the plundering of state resources in the provinces of Malanje, Uige, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Cuanza Sul, Bie and Cuando Cubango.

The operation was extended later to the provinces of Luanda, Bengo and Zaire as well as the sea, where many immigrants fleeing the diamond-rich areas tried to escape the effects of the operation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency