Over four million Angolans still illiterate

Luanda – The minister of Education, Maria CAndida Teixeira, said last Wednesday in Luanda that over four million Angolans, aged between 15 and 35, are still considered illiterate, meaning they cannot write and read.

The minister made this statement after the signing of a co-operation accord between the Education Ministry and the United Methodist Church (IMUA), aimed at the creation of literacy classes in IMUA’s temples.

Maria CAndida Teixeira stressed that many problems recorded in the Angolan society, such as domestic violence, premature pregnancy, criminality, prostitution, among others, are related to the lack or little academic training of persons.

Thus, she went on to explain, the education sector intends to implement the 2030 Agenda, which is aimed at transforming the life of the population through education, as one of the main ways to boost development and well-being of the citizens.

The minister then stressed that her department is committed to expanding the educational facilities countrywide, so that the citizens can have easy access to academic training.

The United Methodist Church (IMUA) reverend, Manuel Andre, stated that the accord is intended to step up the fight against illiteracy.

Meanwhile, the UNESCO programmes specialist and representative in Angola, Nicolau Bubuzi, disclosed that in the world there are over 360 million children and adolescents who are not integrated in the education system.

Source: Angola Press News Agency