Own Syrian refugees as that is the fundamental responsibility of the world

Avoid Letting Syrian refugees take up weapons

Although, it is very horrible to witness that Syrian refugees are taking up weapons and bringing up another new turmoil for the rest of the world to cope with, but it may happen if they are not properly accommodated and resettled. Since the Syrian turmoil kicked off, the world’s superpowers’ role has not been much appreciable and if you evaluate the Europe’s role throughout the 5 years of Syrian conflict, so you will find that it does not seem much serious to help ending up this deadly turmoil. As the conflict kicked off in Syria, many people started approaching Europe in order to find at least a place, where they can have peaceful and better life, but it is sad to say that Europe is much divided on the crisis of refugees, approaching Europe. One may reject this theory, but it is the fact that despite Europe shows its concerns over rapidly expanding ISIS phenomenon, and ask the rest of the world to unite against it, but sadly never seems to ready to accept refugees.

Is only the “United Nations” responsible for resettling refugees?

The world’s superpowers will have to understand that it is not only the United Nations, which should be worried about getting the Syrian refugees resettled, in fact, without the help of the western world, it is not possible. However, currently the United Nations have come up with the statement that it aims to resettle more than 450,000 Syrian refugees and almost about one-tenth of them are now in neighboring countries. This current project of resettling the Syrian refugees of the United Nations, happens to end in 2018, and with that the United Nations also have come up with the conclusion that the world’s superpowers must take some effective measures to overcome widespread fear and political manipulation. The World must answer to the call of the United Nations for resettling Syrian refugees not only because they have escaped a war zone, but also because of humanitarian reasons such as family reunification, scholarships to complete education and medical treatment. This war in Syria compelled 4.8 million Syrian to find safe place in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt and that deadly war has caused the deaths of more than 250,000 people since 2011 and left 13.5 million got stuck in Syria who need the aid.

The United Nations’ take on it

The United Nations seems to be much more active in order to help the Syrian refugees by any means and that can be witnessed by its efforts in this regard, as it has fully focused to ensure a substantial increase in resettlement for the Syrian refugees. According to the Spokesman Adrian Edwards of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations has estimated that ten percent of Syria’s 4.8 million refugees, come in the list of highly vulnerable category and that indicates that 450,000 places will be needed before prior to the end of 2018.

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