Angola: Coup Plotters Sentence Released

Luanda – Four months after the start of the trial of the seventeen youths accused of preparing acts of rebellion against state institutions and involvement in an association of malefactors, the Luanda Provincial Court last Monday passed the sentence.

With the Courtroom packed with relatives and friends of the accused, as well as journalists and jurists, the presiding judge, Januario Domingos, sentenced the defendants to prison terms ranging from four to eight years and six months in prison.

According to the sentence, the defendant Domingos da Cruz, for being considered the leader of the group, got the highest penalty, that is 8 years and six months in prison.

The Court also sentenced Sedrick de Carvalho, Jose Gomes Hata, Fernando Antonio Tomas “Nicolas”, Nelson Dibango, Albano Evaristo Bingo Bingo, Arante Kivuvo, InocA�ncio de Brito, Laurinda Gouveia, Hitler Tchikonde, Afonso Matias, Nuno Dala and Manuel Chivonde Nito Alves to four years and six months in jail.

In the same session, the defendant Nito Alves acquitted of the accusation of illegal change of name.

The defendant Luaty BeirAPound o was found guilty of the crimes of forgery of documents, preparatory acts of rebellion and participation in the association of malefactors, for which he was sentenced to serve a jail term of 5 years and six months.

The defendants Benedito Jeremias Dali “Dito” and Rosa Kusse Conde benefitted from extenuating circumstances, thus getting a jail term of two years and three months.

The defendant Osvaldo Caholo will wait sometime more for his sentence, because he also has a lawsuit in the Military Court.

Meanwhile, the defence lawyers have already submitted the appeal file to the Supreme Court in face of the sentence, which they disagree with.

Source: All Affrica

Angola: Police Present 12 Involved in Slaying of Four Chinese

Luanda – Twelve people suspect of involvement in the slaying of four Chinese citizens in Luanda were presented by the National Police on Monday here.

According to the police, the crime occurred when a man identified as Nataniel MinguA�s (30), considered the mastermind, lured into a trap the four Chinese citizens whom he promised to sell a 2,4-acre plot of land in the locality of Benfica at Akz 120 million (1.00 Usd is Akz 160.00).

Nataniel MinguA�s claimed the plot of land belonged to his father and explained that in fact there was no plot of land whatsoever, but the Chinese had paid Akz 37 million, corresponding to 10 percent of the total amount agreed upon.

According to Nataniel MinguA�s, the parties had agreed the land to be delivered in 10 days time to the Chinese who, he said, were putting too much pressure to have the land.

As a result, Nataniel added, he brought in an accomplice who acted as his father, owner of the plot, whom he had paid Akz 300,000. This accomplice suggested that the four Chinese should be murdered.

In order to carry out the crime, MinguA�s sought the help of another seven elements linked to the Angola Armed Forces commandoes unit who executed the Chinese, using logs and iron bars, before dumping them into an empty water tank nearby and setting them ablaze.

Source: All Affrica

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