PER committed to promotion of gender policy

Luanda – The Platform of Media Regulatory Bodies of the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Territories (ERCA-PER) has pledged to defend the promotion and consolidation of gender policies based on the protection of fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees.

PER made the pledge at the end of the 7th Meeting held Thursday in Luanda, attended by representatives of the member countries of the platform.

The members signed the statutes reviewed by the Restricted Plenary Assembly and Luanda Declaration.

The participants also agreed to share information based on studies conducted in member countries on gender issue, aimed at adopting a common framework, accordingly with the reality of each country.

The Regulators reaffirmed the need to foster language practices that adopt appropriate terminology for the promotion of gender equality, stressing the importance of the Media in the context of raising awareness and warning against discriminatory practices.

The four-day Meeting focused mainly on the concerns about the proliferation of social networks and the growing phenomenon of misinformation (fake news) seen in the overall context, which contribute to the degradation of the protection of the fundamental rights in the digital context.

In his speech, PER chairperson, Adelino Marques de Almeida, praised the exercise and promised to work towards the joint objective of the body, despite acknowledging that the work will not be easy.

In turn, the a co-organiser of the event, the national director of Information of Media, Rui Vasco, said that the debate will continue focusing on the need to enhance the Portuguese language, the regulation of traditional media, digital and gender equality.

The 8th meeting is scheduled for October, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The event will gather Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, SAPound o Tome and Principe, Cabo Verde and East Timor.

Source: Angola Press News Agency