Physical Therapists Association seeks more valuation

Luanda – A better appreciation of physiotherapists for the health sector, due to shortage of hydrotherapy technicians in the country, was defended Monday, in Luanda, by the Association of Physiotherapists of Angola (AFA).

In a press release, which has reached ANGOP, AFA vice chairman, Victoria Fortunato, mentioned the need of paying more attention to the specialists, who have helped in the quick recovery of many patients.

The official said that in order to analyze the causes of this deficit, a hydrotherapy course for physical therapy specialists will be held in Luanda on 22nd and 23rd of the present month.

The training session will focus on theoretical classes on the first day and the following day is reserved for practical classes on the routine of hydrotherapy.

The accomplishment of the training action, states the note, aims to enable specialists, especially nationals, to provide work with high professionalism and technical quality.

“Our colleagues are still in need of more information about hydrotherapy, a specialty rarely explored in the country,” said Victoria Fortunato, who asked for the participation of all experts to improve their knowledge.

Hydrotherapy is a treatment made in water, in various forms and at varying temperatures providing healing, through heat or cold to the human body.

Source: Angola Press News Agency