Physician considers measures against Covid-19 timely

The Angolan physician Mário Frestas considered on Saturday a “quick and opportune decision” the renewal last Friday of the prevention and control measures against the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

According to the professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the public Agostinho Neto University, “these are measures that aim to improve the population’s standard of living, allow the economy to function and prevent social problems from being so serious”.

The doctor was speaking at a video conference called “Covid-19 geopolitical, economic and social impact in Angola”, aimed at MPs and militants of the ruling MPLA party.

At the event, held at the Futungo II Tourists Complex, in Luanda, Mário Frestas stressed the importance of everyone collaborating for the success of these measures and preventing the spread of the pandemic.

According to the physician, a delay in the decision could result in the inefficiency of the measures, mainly in the field of monitoring, due to the fact that the virus has a high capacity for spreading.

“The new measures are more restrictive and aggravated”, he noted.

To Mário Frestas, this is an evident sign that the pandemic is evolving in the country, requiring increasingly rapid monitoring and evaluation.

Using the “chess language”, he said that there are situations in life that require the use of “double check”, in an allusion to difficult decisions, but that put balance on the board.

On his view, the problem is greater than the disease, as it affects the country’s economic growth and human development, where Covid-19 poses challenges in the health and education sectors, as well as increases poverty and unemployment.

On his turn, the director of the MPLA’s Political Training Centre, Domingos Dombele, said that the leadership of the ruling party in Angola has sought to find the best ways to combat the pandemic and to reduce its negative effects.

According to Mário Frestas, from a geopolitical and social point of view, Angola is one of the first countries, mainly in Africa, that took the right measures to curb the impact of the disease.

He acknowledged that the pandemic is hindering the daily development of Angola, stressing, therefore, that each MPLA activist must be the first to communicate with the community and to comply with the rules and measures of biosafety.

Source: Angola Press News Agency