Poland plans to increase to Euros 100 million turnover with Angola

Mbanza Kongo – The Republic of Poland plans in the near future to increase its turnover with Angola to Euros 100 million, against the current Euros 60 million, the ambassador of this European country Piotr Mysliwiec said Monday in Mbanza Kongo, Zaire province.

The Polish diplomat made this statement to the press at the end of a three-day visit to Zaire province, noting that the current turnover is still unsatisfactory despite the excellent cooperation relations between the two states.

He encouraged his country’s business class to channel its investments to Angola, taking advantage of the good business environment in the country, as a result of the economic reforms implemented by the current Angolan Government.

“Poland has good economic relations with Angola, but the turnover is still small, which we want to change in the near future,” the diplomat said.

According to the source, Poland is available to invest in any area of economic activity since it is of interest to the Angolan authorities, for whom at one stage the attention is focused on the sectors of manufacturing agriculture, fisheries and ore.

During his stay in this part of the national territory, the ambassador and the accompanying delegation worked in the municipalities of Mbanza Kongo and Soyo where they learned about the economic and cultural potential of the two localities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency