Poland to strengthen cultural cooperation with Angola

Luanda – The Republic of Poland on Wednesday expressed willingness to support the applications of the Kwanza Corridor, Tchitundo Hulu and the Cuito Cuanavale Memorial to world heritage sites with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) , in the context of cultural cooperation between the two countries.

According to the Polish ambassador to Angola, Piotr Mysliwiec, who spoke to Angop on the sidelines of an audience with the Minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira, just like in 2017 with the candidacy of Mbanza Kongo, his country expresses the support necessary so that the Angolans can once again achieve this objective.

The diplomat, who considered the ties of cooperation between the two countries to be excellent, said that Angola is a partner of Poland, and therefore, whenever possible, it will provide support for actions aimed at preserving, disseminating and enhancing memory and of the history of the country.

Minister Carolina Cerqueira thanked Poland for the support of Mbanza Kongo in 2017 and also expressed the willingness of joint work for future projects and reaffirmed the reinforcement of cultural relations within the framework of the historical ties between the two countries.

Carolina Cerqueira said that Angola and Poland have a long history of cooperation that must be maintained.

Source: Angola Press News Agency