Cuango – The Commander General of the National Police, Paulo de Almeida, arrived this morning in the municipality of Cuango, Lunda Norte, to investigate the circumstances of the rebellion led by elements of the self-denominated “Lunda Tchokwe Protected Movement”.

The trip of Police chief, who heads a commission of enquiry, comes following the attempted invasion of the Cafunfo Police Station, which resulted in the death of six elements linked to the self-denominated movement and the wounding of five others, including two members of the police forces.

In Cuango, the commander general will work with the municipal command to find out the real motivations of the rebellion and the consequences and/or damage resulting from such an act.

The rebellion took place in the early hours of Saturday, when the demonstrators of this organisation without legal status, within the framework of the legislation in force in the Republic of Angola, went to the premises of the police station in Cafunfo, for their occupation, with the intention of affixing a flag belonging to the movement.

So far 16 demonstrators have been arrested, whose criminal cases are being prepared and will be referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. This is not the first time that the self-denominated “Lunda Tchokwe Protected Movement” has carried out acts of this kind with the use of firearms.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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