Police commander defends strategic partnership with journalists

Luanda – The general commander of National Police Commissioner general Paulo de Almeida Tuesday defended a strategic partnership between the corporation and the Media.

The partnership helps the police and Media to work together on building of a more confident Angola in which the citizens feel more safe, he told an opening ceremony of the 2nd Course of Public Security and Media for Journalists, going from 18-20 this month.

Paulo de Almeida said that the more knowledge the Media professionals have on public security issues, the better they will prevent and fight against crime.

According to him, the knowledge will ensure better understand that will equip them to better carry out their mission to inform and clarify the citizen.

In his view, a good security environment entails a greater sense of protection.

He considered the training a decisive step to launch a better relationship between the police and the Media, in order to positively influence the behavior of citizens.

The event, which gathers journalists and police officers, is discussing, among other topics, the general framework of public safety.

The course is taking place under the motto “a minute to inform, safe society.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency