Politicians, religious leaders praise reforms in Angola

Luanda Political and religious leaders Friday in Luanda praised the ongoing reforms for the economic stability of the country.

Benedito Daniel, leader of the opposition PRS, encouraged the Government to pursue the measures on fight against corruption for the stability of the country.

He defended the participation of the civil society in combat of this evil.

Speaking on the sidelines of the end-of-year greeting ceremony at the Presidential Palace, the politician also said he hoped that the local elections take place in 2020.

In his turn, the leader of the main opposition UNITA party, Adalberto da Costa JA�nior, said he hopes for a better functioning of the state institutions in 2020, as well as the holding of local elections in the country.

Andre Mendes de Carvalho of CASA-CE coalition called for an urgent conclusion of the legislation for local elections to take place.

He defended concrete measures to recover stolen money in order to reduce public debt, despite some positive steps that have already been taken.

Meanwhile, the politician Marcolino Moco mentioned the economic stability, permanent fight against corruption and ensure greater freedom of expression, as the main challenges for 2020.

Several religious leaders also praised the ongoing government’s reforms.

Source: Angola Press News Agency