Portugal: Angola signs agreement for family agriculture in CPLP

Lisbon – Angola signed on Friday in Lisbon, Portugal, an agreement for the valorization of family farming in the member states of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) known as (Carta de Lisboa) “Lisbon Charter”.

The agreement was signed by Angola’s minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Marcos Nhunga.

Other CPLP member states have already signed the agreement on February 7, 2018, in Portugal, which Angola did not sign at the time due to its unavailability.

On the occasion, the Angolan official reaffirmed that in Angola family farming is the basis of the nation’s agricultural production and responsible for over 80 percent of the country’s output.

The official stressed that Angola is going to work towards fulfilling the 17 commitments made in this area, since family agriculture plays a key role in the 2030 agenda.

However he stressed that Angola has a lot of work to do, especially in credit availibity, standardize the credit at peasants’ level, increase production and seek easy ways to trade products that facilitate their transportation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency