Portuguese president defends struggle for Neto’s ideals

Luanda – Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Wednesday in Luanda called on Angolans to fight for the ideals of Agostinho Neto, which according to him, enhance freedom, emancipation and development.

Marcelo de Sousa was speaking to journalists after visiting the memorial where the remains of the first president of Angola, Antonio Agostinho Neto, lie.

Writing in the book of the honour, the 20th President of Portugal said that his visit is a tribute “to the memory of the thinker, poet, pedagogue and the man who saw beyond his time.”

Agostinho Neto monument was built to honour the first President of Angola to perpetuate his memory as leader of the armed struggle for liberation, statesman, man of culture and humanist.

Antonio Agostinho Neto was born on September 17, 1922 in Kaxikane, Icolo and Bengo municipality, Luanda.

He passed away on September 10, 1979, in Moscow, Russia.

Source: Angola Press News Agency