Portuguese president highlights agreements with Angola

Luanda – Portuguese head of State Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stressed Saturday in Luanda his country’s commitment to strengthen cooperation with Angolan State for implementation of 35 accords signed between the countries.

Marcelo de Sousa was speaking during a press conference served to take stock of his four-day visit to Angola.

As the two countries tune the mechanisms of cooperation, both sides are working on training of teachers, agriculture collaboration, health and preparation for local government process in Angola.

The Portuguese statesman was pleased with the fact that his country’s citizens in Angola are available for the success of the new cycle of history of partnership between the two countries.

He pledged to continue working on stability of state, social cohesion, community, at territorial level, as well as understanding among people and groups to avoid crisis.

The president also guaranteed to safeguard the stability of institutions, legislature and get closer to the citizens.

On his last day of visit to Angola, the Portuguese president let the experts and commentators to analyse his performance in the office – turning three years Saturday (March 09).

Still on Saturday, the Statesman met with the Portuguese community residing in Luanda, having appealed for continued contribution to development of Angola and at the same time to honor the motherland of origin.

He described the citizens’ will of the two countries as crucial for the deepening of relations between Angola and Portugal.

Source: Angola Press News Agency