President approves projects for southern Cunene Province

According to a press note from the President’s Press Office that reached ANGOP o Tuesday, the construction of dams and water supply systems are also part of the overall six projects to be conducted by several firms.

Sinohydro Angola firm will be responsible for the implementation of two water supply projects and a dam, being the first one worth 75.7 millionUS dollars and the second 70.4 million US dollars and third USD 192.5 million.

The business consortium firms Omatapalo-Engenharia e ConstrucAPound o SA and Mota-Engil Angola SA will be responsible for the construction of a dam in a project worth 177.3 million US dollars.

China Road Bridge Corporation will be tasked with the construction of a water canal to be linked to a an electric dam, in a project worth 72.9 million US dollars, while GHCB firm will build a water canal linking with another dam, a project worth USD 192.5 million.

The Finance Ministry has been tasked with providing the necessary financial resources for the implementation of all these projects, reads the press note.

Source: Angola Press News Agency