President congratulates socialist Antonio Costa on win in Portugal election

Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s party won a significant victory in the elections, increasing its presence in Parliament to a close to the absolute majority.

In his Twitter account, JoAPound o Lourenco expressed Angola’s availability to continue working toward strengthening of friendship and cooperation ties with Portugal, wishing Antonio Costa successes in his governance.

With the victory in the legislatures, the PS’s presence increases from 86 to 106 MPs in a 230- seat Assembleia de Republica (Parliament).

On the other hand, the president JoAPound o Lourenco congratulated Bishop Eugenio Dal Corso, who was appointed Cardinal by Pope Francis, adding that with two Cardinals, Angola is prestigious country.

Pope Francis appointed 13 new Cardinals, including Bishop Eugenio Dal Corso, during a ceremony held in the St. Peter’s Basilica on Saturday.

Bishop Eugenio Dal Corso joins Bishop Alexandre do Nascimento, the first Angolan invested Cardinal.

Source: Angola Press News Agency