President for strengthening cooperation with Germany

Luanda The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, expressed today, in Luanda, Angola’s interest in deepening cooperation with German financial institutions, with a view to securing financing for the development of various sectors of the Angolan economy.

In his speech, on the occasion of the visit to the country of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the President highlighted the need for financing for the development of the gas, energy and water sectors, as well as road, rail and port infrastructure, under the public-private partnerships.

In relation to infrastructures, he spoke of concessions for the exploration and management of the main railways with emphasis on the one in Benguela and existing ports, with a view to making the international traffic of miners and other goods and passengers from the landlocked countries.

For JoAPound o Lourenco, the exploitation of these infrastructures constitutes a great challenge for the great German investors in the transport sector.

He expressed the interest of the Angolan Government in establishing assistance programs with Germany in the training and qualification of research and scientific cooperation staff, in the sectors of agriculture and forests, fisheries, education and professional training and health.

In the view of the Angolan statesman, the Angola-Germany exchange, at the highest level, is a demonstration of the great dynamism that characterizes the relations between both countries.

It is also a matter of demonstrating the mutual interest of the two States in carrying out, with pragmatism, both at institutional and business level, various actions that will contribute to the intensification of economic and business relations and others, according to the President.

The Head of the Government stressed that, in the field of financial cooperation, Germany has revealed an openness that meets the Angolan expectations in terms of development projects.

In this context, he highlighted the availability of financing in the amount of US $ 1.06 billion for the acquisition of electromechanical equipment of German manufacture, to equip, in turbines, the hydroelectric power station of Caculo Cabaca, under construction in the province of Cuanza Norte.

He also expressed the desire to see German companies involved in the construction of other large hydroelectric plants, such as the bi-national enterprise of Baynes, on the Cunene River, to serve Angola and Namibia, and also in the production of solar energy in the most remote areas.

He also underlined the interest in having the support of Germany in the expansion and modernization of the electricity network in the cities of Mocamedes and Tombwa (province of Namibe), as well as the interconnection between both.

The President also aims at Germany’s involvement in the development of the Angolan agricultural sector, stressing, by the way, the importance of bilateral cooperation for Angolan agriculture in the perspective of building a vaccine production unit and an animal research laboratory in Angola.

This is Angela Merkel’s second visit to Angola. The first took place in 2011, when an extended partnership between the two states was agreed.

In return, President JoAPound o Lourenco visited Germany in August 2018. In September last year, the Angolan statesman met again with the German Chancellor in New York.

The partnership between Angola and Germany, started in 1979, gained a new impetus with the holding of the First Session of the Bilateral Commission, in 2012, in Berlin, having in recent years become Angola’s third trading partner of this Western European country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: Angola Press News Agency