President JoAPound o Lourenco returns home

Luanda – The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, returned to Luanda on Saturday after attending the 73rd UN General Assembly Summit in New York (United States of America). He spoke on Wednesday (26) and presented the state’s position on the current context of Angola and the world.

During the mission, the Head of State participated in the “High Level Week of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), at the Angola-US economic forum and met with some heads of state.

Upon his arrival, JoAPound o Lourenco was greeted at the airport by the Vice President, Bornito de Sousa, by members of the government, provincial governor of Luanda, among other individuals.

The President of the Republic, who attended the event at the invitation of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, was accompanied by the First Lady of the Republic, Ana Dias Lourenco, some ministers, diplomats and staff of his office.

In New York, JoAPound o Lourenco also met with the current United Nations leader, with whom he had met previously in Beijing, at the China-Africa Economic Cooperation Forum, and at the time recognized Angola’s role in promoting peace in Angola, Southern Africa and the Great Lakes Region.

In his address at the 73rd UN Summit, the President defended the decentralization of the world financial system, aimed at promoting sustainable development, and reaffirmed Angola’s commitment to economic recovery and the search for solutions to total pacification, democratization and development of Southern and Central Africa.

JoAPound o Lourenco also expressed the country’s readiness to continue to support the promotion of cooperation among nations, peace-building, the defense of cooperation relations, as well as bilateral and multilateral trade and investment.

The UN was created to restore peace and universal harmony, to give the same rights to big and small nations and to create a world of cooperation, progress and well-being.

The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly began on 18 September and addressed, among others, the implementation of global measures in the areas of peace, justice, society, economy and health.

Arms control, promotion of human rights, socio-economic development, coordination of humanitarian assistance in the world and prevention of chronic diseases, tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS were highlighted at the event.

Source: Angola Press News Agency