President, UNITA leader address reforms in Angola

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, Adalberto JA�nior stressed that the audience also served to analyze the national reconciliation process, the need for changes to the Constitution and the Electoral Law, as well as the holding of municipal elections, scheduled for this year.

The UNITA leader, who encouraged President JoAPound o Lourenco to continue the fight against corruption, considered that it was an open dialogue and hopes to continue in the future, with the aim of creating trust and rapprochement between the Government and the opposition.

Adalberto JA�nior, elected the third president of UNITA in November 2019, considers that the country needs to build a stable, vigorous and cohesive democracy in its institutions.

On the issues related to national reconciliation, the UNITA leader said that the matter involves the demobilization process of former military personnel, having warned that this process “is not yet concluded”.

At the meeting, accompanied by the first vice president of his party, Arlete Chibinda, and the second vice president, Armando Dembo, the UNITA leader took the opportunity to speak about the restitution of his party’s assets, under the terms of the peace agreement.

“This is an issue that is penalizing UNITA, and the Government should do more than it has done,” he stressed.

It is the first time that the President of the Republic has received an audience, Adalberto Costa JA�nior, since he became President of UNITA in replacement of Isaias Samakuva.

UNITA is the second largest party with parliamentary representation in the country. It has 51 deputies, behind the MPLA, which has 150.

Source: Angola Press News Agency