President unveils incident control center

Luanda Angolan head of state JoAPound o Lourenco inaugurated Monday in Luanda the Integrated Center for Public Security (CISP), a technological platform to respond, in a timely manner, to citizens’ requests in case of change of public order and catastrophes.

It is an integrated operations management and incident response system aimed, among others, to broaden the exchange of information between police forces and strategic security agencies across the country.

After cutting the tape, the Angolan President, accompanied by the Interior Minister and senior officials of Interior Ministry, received explanations about the operation of this pioneer structure in Angola, which aims at a new concept of public safety.

More than 700 cameras were installed in Luanda, connected in real time. They emerge as an input to police work on identifying people and monitoring public spaces.

The project is funded by a Chinese credit line and will help law enforcement agencies, including traffic, fire fighters and medical emergencies, to respond more effectively to actions of maintenance and preservation of public order and situations of accidents.

One of the accesses to this platform will be through the emergency telephone terminal 111, which will receive calls from different parts of the country.

Alongside the central unit, located on Luanda’s Hochi Minh Avenue, the project includes 16 provincial centers under construction.

The sophisticated infrastructure, built in an area of about 8,000 square meters, is equipped with a video surveillance room, a dispatch service room, a rapid response command center, a laboratory, and other technological means.

The central unit in Luanda will be connected to provincial centers by fiber optic networks, satellite communication and microwaves.

To ensure the stable and effective functioning of the integrated public safety system, border patrol aircraft, command and communication vehicles were purchased.

Several peripheral equipment were installed, namely fixed and mobile squads, cameras and fiber optics, with the purpose of improving the service rendering.

Source: Angola Press News Agency