President visits gas and metalworking factories

Luanda – The President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, visited today (Wednesday) two factories in Viana, one dedicated to the production of industrial and hospital gases, and another to the production of steel structures and bridges.

Located in the industrial center of Kikuxi, in Viana, the metalworking unit has 50 workers, 47 national and seven expatriates, who are dedicated to the production of metallic materials for the construction of pavilions, bridges, warehouses and buildings.

It also has 30 outsourced employees to assemble factory-bought infrastructures, said Octavio MourAPound o, the company’s general manager.

Built on an area of 4,000 square meters, the factory has the capacity to produce monthly more than 170 tons of metalworking equipment.

The Afriperfil group invested about US $ 3 million in this project.The raw material that was imported for sheet metal profiling, water boiler and trim profiles is already produced locally.

Industrial and hospital gases factory (ACAIL)

With an investment estimated at US $ 175 million, the industrial and hospital gas factory (ACAIL), located at the Viana Industrial Complex in Luanda, is the result of a private investment.

The unit, which has an installed capacity to produce 25,000 liters of gases per day, has among its main products liquid medical oxygen, medical equipment and hospital supplies.

Speaking to the press, the chairman of ACAIL’s Board of Directors, Ana Paula Andrade, underlined the fact that Angola is self-sufficient in the production of medical gases, which allows it to serve the different hospital units internally.

“The country does not need to import gases,” said the manager, adding that the industrial unit has the capacity to increase its production by 100 tons per day.

The factory, which currently produces 30 tons of each type of gas, namely oxygen and nitrogen, has in its client list the hospitals of Prenda, Lucrecia Paim, Americo Boavida, Sanatorium and Pediatric, both of Luanda.

For 2020, Ana Paula Andrade looks forward to opening production lines in Lobito, Benguela province, and Cabinda.

Referring to the visit of President JoAPound o Lourenco to ACAIL, the manager said that it represents a lot, as it is the recognition of the work it does, underlining that the production of the factory is entirely national.

The visits are part of the two-day field trip that the President of the Republic has been doing since today in Luanda.

For Thursday (19) is reserved the inauguration of the Centrality of Zango 5, mid-morning, preceded by the official entry into operation of the Hemodialysis Center of the General Hospital of Luanda.

The visit of the President of the Republic to Luanda province ends in the afternoon of the same day at the Quiminha Integrated Agricultural and Regional Development Project, in the municipality of Icolo e Bengo.

Source: Angola Press News Agency