Press attaches committed to divulging Angola’s image

Luanda – The Press attaches reaffirmed Friday their availability to publicise the Angola’s image abroad, complying with the new diplomatic paradigm launched by the Executive.

During a Methodological meeting held Friday in Luanda, the press members expressed their willingness to take the country’s image abroad.

Speaking to the press, Aderito Ferreira, a press attache at African Union, said that Angola has lost many places in the organisation due to the lack of knowledge.

In the light of the new reality, he pledged to seize the opportunity to inform different ministerial departments on the existing vacancies within the AU that can be filled by Angolan staff, Just applying for the positions and attend the various training run by the organisation.

He also described the interest of many African countries in the current situation in Angola as still low, and calls for the commitment to dissemination of the country’s image.

Amelia Conde, based in Germany, who welcomed the methodological guidance said that Angola is experiencing a different period.

This fact entails a new dynamics of work, said the press member, who defended a deep restructuring in the actions of diplomatic members.

In turn, Higino Piedade, based in Egypt, said that in the north Africa country, Angola is known for its achievements in handball and basketball.

He noted that the action will now be turned to economic diplomacy, accordingly with the guidelines by the Media of minister.

The one-day meeting, that gathered 20 press officers, discussed issues related to information on the restructuring of press services in diplomatic missions.

Other topics include Foreign Ministry’s information on budget, swapping of officials appointed and fired.

Source: Angola Press News Agency