Prince of Dembos wants to increase appreciation of traditional dances

Saurimo – The Prince of Dembos, Antonio Salvador, Sunday in Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province, defended the need for the Ministry of Culture to strengthen its policies to promote dances and traditional music in the various regions of the country, as a way to guarantee its preservation, valuation and everlasting it.

Speaking to ANGOP on the sidelines of the II regional concert of dance and traditional music, the traditional authority defended the need to annually promote national festivals in a decentralized way, for the permanent dissemination of Angolan folklore.

According to the prince, Angola has a rich cultural diversity that, well exploited, can be a catalyst for attracting tourists to the country, thus contributing to the dynamism of the hotel sector.

Antonio Salvador considered it fundamental that public primary schools promote traditional dance contests as a way of transmitting Angolan habits and customs.

The prince was impressed with the display of the traditional groups of the eastern region, due to the fact that its elements are mostly young and adolescent.

He said that traditional authorities should continue to disseminate theoretical and practical knowledge about the traditional dances of this people.

Source: Angola Press News Agency